Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quiet Time

In case you haven't been made aware, my sweet husband has started blogging. He is revamping his priorities and "cleaning" his mind. We don't turn on the TV like we used to (well, HE doesn't. I'm working on it). And he is reading about three books at once right now. He mentioned the other day that "he has a lot to learn." He's inspiring me. I've started blogging again - granted, his writings are about the books he's read and current issues and mine are muppet videos, but still..I have refreshed my website bookmarks, I'm searching for books and I am making plans for finishing those scrapbooks I keep talking about.

Like I said, he's inspiring me. In all of this, we are finding a happy medium compromise of our old habits with our new. I am letting him take the lead on this change for us, and I like it. I like the quiet time in the house and the time we now have for conversation rather than commercials.

Hope you're finding some quiet time in your day, too.

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