Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home, Sweet Stewy Home

I played hooky yesterday so I could spend it with my husband. No agenda, no plans, no errands...just flying by the seat of our pants. It was awesome. We both took our time to get around yesterday - I went for a (LONG) walk with a good friend and then Joel and I headed to Wimberly with the intention of looking for a print Joel found a while back. We didn't find the print but we did find some other fun goodies.

It was such a great afternoon - just wondering around the little shops, not really looking for anything but looking at everything. And the weather was beautiful...perfect in fact. We got to have dinner with sweet Joyce and we were home in bed watching a movie by 8. It really was one of those days that we are cherishing right now.

Today we woke up to freezing weather and a forecast of snow. I stayed in bed as long as I could, soaking up the warmth of Joel being home - but eventually had to make my way to work. When I came home this afternoon, THIS is what I found:

...and Joel practicing guitar in our quiet, warm, stew-smelling home.

It doesn't take much, really...to show each other how much we appreciate each other. Joel does it every day. I keep thinking that these days are numbered...soon we will be passing in the hall with hands full of diapers and laundry and baby. Everyone has told us to take advantage of our time now. So we are. Anxiously awaiting...


Dad said...

Thats one sweet Husband ! So nice tosee you getting to spend time together . We need to see a picture of that baby in the making !

Joel Sr.

Jenny said...

Sooo sweet! Your words about love always bring tears to my eyes, b/c I have witnessed the love between you and it is just so pure and kind and lovely. Yes, do enjoy those sweet " just the two of you" moments now, and yet just wait for the ways you will see him love you when you are a new mama --you will fall in love with him all over again! Love you Birdie!