Thursday, July 05, 2012

I need a new attitude...

**Please read with the same humor it was written in. I'm laughing at myself here, folks. 

Whew, Joel got out this morning just in the nick of time. I. AM. GRUMPY. I mean, I have moments in everyday when I have to re-evaluate my head, think about my attitude, check my thoughts at the door. but days like today? Whew...they are downright comically pessimistic. 
  • Our house is full of junk food and it's keeping me from eating right. It's the junk food's fault. 
  • I'm tired. Nobody could possibly be as tired as me. 
  • I don't have time to work out. That's why I'm fat. 
  • I don't even control my schedule anymore. I have NO CONTROL over my life. 
  • My back hurts. It's from stress. Or because there's so much junk food in our house that I can't eat right therefore my fat is making my back hurt. 
  • I have had this toothache for 2 months but I don't have time for a dentist appointment. So I'm going to keep complaining about it. 
  • I'm tired. Did I mention that? Because I know you say you are, but you can't be as tired as me. 
  • I don't have time for me. 
  • I don't have time for Lucy. 
  • I don't have time for Joel. 
  • I miss my friends. 
  • Traffic sucks.
...and BOOM goes my mojo. With all of that going wrong, how could a person even rise to greet the day?! I mean, a person mights as well throw in the towel, stay in bed and start week.  

I need a plan. I need an attitude adjustment. 

So, baby steps. 

Tonight...I'm throwing out the junk food. Fridge, pantry,'s all going. If you want it, come and get it but I'm tired of looking at it - not eating it because it's bad for me - but not replacing with good stuff. 

Then I'm going to bed. Early. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lead By Example

I miss Joel's blogs. I miss hearing what he's thinking about on the road because, frankly, his head gets filled with most of our thoughts at home once he lands back here. Holiday schedules, doctors appointments, Lucy tidbits, dinner plans etc. etc. etc. I miss hearing what he thinks about what's happening in the world, who he's listening to on his music box and what he's reading. I guess I could ask...but I love the way he writes. And most of the time when I ask he gets interrupted mid-story by me, phone, Lucy, whatnot...

So, sweet husband, I'm leading by example. I'm kicking up the blog. I always put it off because I think I need pictures for every one or that I should write about something earth shattering. Fact just doesn't happen that way 'round here. It's filled with tiny extraordinary moments...sometimes big ones...but mostly the little ones that I think would impress no one but me. I have random thoughts - there's Facebook for that. I have intermittant genius ideas - then talk myself out of them. And sometimes I have long dialogue with my inner self that NO ONE wants to hear.

So I'm rallying my followers - all three of you - to let Joel know you miss his blog. WE miss his blog. Won't you support my cause?

Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day...

Here are some random observations to consider for Monday, February 21...

1.) Reading what people say on TV is much more telling of how inarticulate people are than listening to what people say on TV. I learned this at World Gym this morning. Poor Rachel Ray.

2.) Paying upwards of $50 per personal training session should entitle the trainee to kick the trainer in the shin every time the trainer yawns. I also learned this at World Gym this morning while watching a session from the treadmill.

3.) I used to think that tourist season traffic was the worst in NB - but have observed today that it might be Federal Holidays. How do all of our government officials NOT know how to drive?

4.) Lucy loves the sunshine. The sunshine loves Lucy.

5.) There are some folks in the world that take "To thine own self be true" just a little too far. It often baffles me the extent to which individuals can turn any situation about any body into something about themselves, good or bad.

6.) Lucy sleeps better when she falls asleep in her Daddy's lap than anywhere else.

7.) I have been reminded by a 5 year old how much I love astrology. And how much I don't know about it.

8.) I still am taken aback by the fact that Joel and I have a little girl. A nine month old little girl. And I can't imagine what life was like without her.

9.) Shopping for things that are supposed to save said little girl's life is hard (i.e. car seat).

10.) I wish I knew more about the Presidents that this day is supposed to be celebrating.