Friday, October 14, 2011

Lead By Example

I miss Joel's blogs. I miss hearing what he's thinking about on the road because, frankly, his head gets filled with most of our thoughts at home once he lands back here. Holiday schedules, doctors appointments, Lucy tidbits, dinner plans etc. etc. etc. I miss hearing what he thinks about what's happening in the world, who he's listening to on his music box and what he's reading. I guess I could ask...but I love the way he writes. And most of the time when I ask he gets interrupted mid-story by me, phone, Lucy, whatnot...

So, sweet husband, I'm leading by example. I'm kicking up the blog. I always put it off because I think I need pictures for every one or that I should write about something earth shattering. Fact just doesn't happen that way 'round here. It's filled with tiny extraordinary moments...sometimes big ones...but mostly the little ones that I think would impress no one but me. I have random thoughts - there's Facebook for that. I have intermittant genius ideas - then talk myself out of them. And sometimes I have long dialogue with my inner self that NO ONE wants to hear.

So I'm rallying my followers - all three of you - to let Joel know you miss his blog. WE miss his blog. Won't you support my cause?