Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Full Circle

Here's how the circle goes. This blog is titled "Robin's Hood." I did not come up with that...Sean Faires did YEARS ago. I can remember sitting in our old office off Walnut talking to him on the phone about the wording he wanted to put on the Dedringers EP (this was also following our discussion about how to make the spelling of Dedringers original - I suggested a "z" at the end...Sean replied, "That is so 5 years ago." I guess he knew best!)

Today I am listening to The Happin-Ins CD that just arrived in the mail. I was listening to it when our friend Matt Briggs came it to talk shop - and of course shop talk was derailed by stories of Sean and Jonny "back in the day." I can't believe how much we have all changed. I feel like I'm watching it happen right before my eyes still..our friends, our jobs, our families...everyone is blooming. It's really beautiful.

I can also remember when Sean realized that Joel and I were actually dating...not just coincidentally sharing an interest in the lives and careers of these two. At least once a week we all had dinner at my house - me, Laura, Sean, Jonny and Joel - at the minimum. Often times there were more folks, but we were the core group. After about the third or fourth time Joel went inside for a minute and Sean looked at me with a really concerned expression..."Um...is there something going ON between ya'll?" I think I said something along the lines of "I hope so" and not much more about it was brought up...until we told them we were engaged. Sean very plainly said "Well, good. When you told us you were dating we got a little nervous. This was either gonna end good or bad...no in between. We didn't want to have to pick between the two of you so I'm really glad this worked out." And now here we are - years down the road, still connected to each other - all of us- with growing families and growing lives...

I'm glad this worked out, too, Sean. So very very glad.

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