Sunday, April 06, 2008

April Showers

It's starting to turn green here. I keep thinking back to last spring and summer and all the rain. We thought we lost one of the old trees here at the house. I never knew that a tree would shut down from too much water. I guess growing up in Amarillo, we never experienced much of that - trees OR too much water. I watched her (I refer to all our trees as "her") everyday, waiting to see if she would recover from the monsoons of 07. Almost overnight she went from bare limbs to limbs full of green healthy leaves. I guess she knew best when to shut down to save herself. 

I think we are a lot like that, but only some of us recognize it. We know what it takes to keep ourselves healthy - both mentally and physically. Sometimes it takes "shutting down" to save ourselves. It's amazing how we blossom after exercising a bit of self-nurturing. 

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Tara & Echo Schoepfy said...

I love these backyard trees of yours.
Last summer I watched Lizards prey on butterflies from the trunk of the three. Do you know the hole I am speaking of?