Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Taaa Daaaaaaa!

The highly anticipated "return from vegetarianism" is here. What you all have been waiting for...but first...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY JOELIE-OLE (maybe that should read ol' JOELie). He heh heh. I love you baby! Can't wait to see your face!

And now...(drum roll please)


Although I eat much less of it now, I really really really really like it. Still. Again. Joel, sweet Joel, was home for my first meal "back." He cooked up a delicioso rib-eye for me and it was as good as my poor, malnourished,vegetarian body remembers (im kidding - about the malnourished part...i think i actually GAINED weight). I have had chicken, one half of a steak, one cheeseburger (uh...THAT one didn't sit so well) and LOTS OF TUNA!! Mmmmm...tuna salad, tuna sam'iches, TEXAS TUNA from my beloved Thundercloud. Oh, how I missed you! 

There have been lots of other goings on as well...much of which would bore you to tears to read about...but a few exciting happenings...I'll give you some teasers with the promise that I will tell you more. Feel free to send me reminders to tell me to tell you more. I love fan mail. 
1. 3-Days, 60 Miles in San Diego, CA
2. Our own ant farm
3. Easter Eggs
4. Music memories
There you go...consider yourself officially teased! 


The Hunts said...

Hi--Your biggest fan here! So happy to see an update AND a big picture of my bub's cute face. Don't worry--I'll remind you about the teasers:) Love and miss you! Jen

Anonymous said...

ok, i can't wait to hear all about the upcoming "teasers"!
what a cute picture of the birthday boy. what a great day in history...March 19, 1979.