Monday, April 14, 2008

Handsome Guy...

Joel and I knew each other for a while before we started dating. He was a regular in our office when he worked for Bleu and we traveled in the same circles. I always loved seeing him - it seemed like we could really talk to each other - not just idle chatter. That may have been because I ALWAYS got lost in his eyes. They have a very captivating quality - where you just...can' look away from them. Honestly, maybe we didn't really talk about much of anything - maybe I was just briefly hypnotized. Maybe I'm STILL hypnotized. Who knows. Okay - now I'm rambling...

The point of all this is that one of the first "intentional communication" I got from Joel was an emailed photo after he cut all his hair off a few years back. I got a before and an after pic. And I remember thinking "WOW." Don't get me wrong, I always think "wow" when I think of my husband...but he looked soooooo different in the after photo. 

I came home today to a freshly "clipped" Joel. I got the same butterflies and flushed cheeks. He is ALWAYS handsome to me...(I usually use the phrase "hot" in mockery of Paris Hilton) but..."WOW" 

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Anonymous said...

today while walking by the park jen and I, and your little nieces, saw this plump very near bird of your name. And she sure did have herself a enormous earth worm to work on. Your mom named you right my dear, sweet very missed sis in love. i wish we were near to you.