Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

I'm extrememly perplexed at the reaction to the climbers that had to be rescued in Oregon. Of course it could be the twist of the media, but all I hear is how stupid they were and how they should have to pay for what the rescue cost taxpayers and how they should be brought up on animal cruelty charges for taking Velvet (the dog that "saved" them) up on the mountain. And that they must be horrible teachers.

?????????? WHAT???????

Here's my take. From what the rescuers had to say, they were very responsible climbers. They made one navigtational error and could not recover due to the weather conditions. They used all of the appropriate measures to protect themselves AND THEIR DOG from the elements. They carried equipment designed to help them be rescued and used it. People make navigational errors on our highways all the time that cause harm to themselves and countless others. People fall off of ladders, fall out of trees, swim too long and get tired...we all make mistakes or have accidents. Those errors result in the mobilization of paramedics, ambulances, police officers and sometimes volunteers to "rescue" them. In effect, we are all paying for each others "navigational errors" with our tax dollars. Give 'em a break.

In regard to Velvet (the dog)...there is no place a companion animal would rather be than with their "companion." Dogs have survived for YEARS in the cold...hello??? Dogsledding? Would the naysayers have rather the dog been tied to a tree while her humans were climbing? Even I can say it (just don't tell Dude)...she's a DOG. And she's fine. And she's far better off with people who let her be a dog than those who keep their animals in small purses or locked in a crate.

And, finally, what does their profession have to do with this experience on the mountain? People are saying that they aren't qualified to be teachers because of their lack of common sense. I believe it was their common sense that saved them. I believe I would rather be taught by, and have my children taught by, people who do rather than say. I believe the same people who are saying the climbers aren't smart enough to teach are the same people who are too lazy to be good teachers themselves, let alone climb a mountain.

And now...I will hop off this soapbox...and go take my dog to the river.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin, This is Beth Irwin and oh my gosh, I like you even more after reading your blog. I couldn't agree more with your Fat Tuesday entry. Why can't we just be thankful everyone's OK.

I also really enjoyed "What not to wear". I look at some of those clothes and think they have to go home with nothing comfortable to wear or any thing resembling what's normal wear in their area. I mean really if we wore those clothes, we might turned into what not to wear.

I loved your save the date card I get to look at you and Joel everyday. Your on my fridge. What a great picture. Bye for now.

joyce said...

You got me to thinking this early a.m. I once had to be rescued from a flood and experienced some negative comments afterward. I had to think, after reading your blog, if I would make the same decision that put me in the flood and I think I would. I am not often a doer and have been known to judge some that do soooo thanks for the neat perspective.

The Hunts said...

And don't let mom forget about the time she was hiking with Joel and I in Hawaii on the top of PuuManamana (I'm SURE you've heard the story). I think that she would have been very thankful for a helicopter to rescue her from that adventure...though I guess it's kinda different because she didn't know what she was getting into. Love ya Robin and keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

I havn't heard about the climbers, but I like reading anything you write about. I miss you... Joel

Puddin' said...

I love this!! I just found your blog on Jenny's blogsite - I knew Joel, Jenny & JM when they were tadpoles - Joyce is my kindred spirit! I look forward to meeting you - Joel, you're a lucky man!