Monday, February 26, 2007

Bridal Extravaganza...

According to my calendar, there are 67 days until the big day. Six of those days will be spent in Nashville, three in Las Vegas, one in the dentist office, four on the road and one at the doctor's office. That's 15 days out that I know of...that leaves 52. Wow.

But then I think about all that has happened in the past few days to get things accomplished.

Sunday was awesome. It was a beautiful day here...sun shining, perfect breeze coming in the windows...I started it off with some old Willie and Stones on vinyl, a cup of coffee and the paper. (Most of you know the paper is a little out of character for me...and so is the coffee unless someone else makes it, but I was looking for something in particular in the paper and I bought the coffee when I made the paper run.) Mom came down for lunch and a visit and a trip to the Bridal Extravaganza (actually called the Bridal Spectacular, but we prefer "extravaganza"). We picked up a lot of tips, brochures and business cards...and we giggled a lot. Laura and I and made a trip to Wimberley for a visit to the Red Corral Ranch and to the Schoepf Headquarters and we wrapped up the day with a great dinner at the steakhouse at the junction. I couldn't have asked for anything more - except for Joel to have been here. (Wheweeeee, I'm missing him so much this time around).

Back to the original point...out of the past two days we have confirmed a photographer and a home for the Kings for the wedding weekend, made a decision about the cakes and the cake stands, established somewhat of a timeline for the day and confirmed that the facility has high speed internet (step one for a special surprise for some special loved ones). We have lodging at the lodge figured out and a print shop confirmed for invitations! I know that doesn't sound like a lot...but it sure feels like a lot.

Life is good...I hope yours is, too.


The Hunts said...

It does sound like a lot--a whole lot!! I am so proud of you and learn so much from your organization and planning skills. You're doing great--even if it seems overwhelming--you are. So excited about the photographer--hurray! I'll be praying for these next few weeks that you'll feel peace despite the hurriedness. Love ya, Jenny

Anonymous said...

I have the sweetest, hardest working fiancee around. I have two weeks straight at home coming up and I can't wait. Love you baby, cant wait to kiss your face.