Monday, October 13, 2008

The best sushi I never thought I'd try...

Friday was Shannon's birthday so all the girls got together for dinner at Sushi Zushi and went to Helotes to see Adam Carroll and Todd Snider. We had a BLAST! Maybe it was because it had been so long since all of us had a chance to be together and focus on each other and catch UP with each other...maybe because it was a beautiful night to be at Floore's Country Store...maybe it was the sushi. Whatever it was, it was sooooo appreciated and needed. 

Keeping with the spirited spirit of the night, I vowed to try something new at Sushi Zushi. I caught a glimpse of our neighbor's plate (which I have to admit appealed to me because it looked like watermelon and avocado mixed together - strange in and of itself) and decided that no matter what it was, I was going to try it. 

Come to find out, it was Tuna Tar Tar. Now, growing up with a cattleman of a dad, I have a super duper adversity to the phrase "tar tar" and all that it entails. Not to mention the fact that when I asked the waiter about it, he described it like this: 

"It's raw tuna, tenderized and diced, served with sliced avocado and topped with the eggs of four different types of flying fish."

The ONLY thing that rang yummy to my ears was "avocado." And I know, some of you are rolling over (or your stomachs are) at the thought of the rest of that dish - as did, quite honestly, mine. But I have tried and loved tuna - seared, rare, in sushi, out of how bad could it be. 

IT WAS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH. I almost asked for a fork because my desire to get it into my mouth far exceeded my chopstick deftness. So I refrained, and instead slowly savored every bit of it. 

The moral of the story is that I have been reminded - by a simple but scrumptious culinary dish - that there are grand rewards in being brave, and that new things may sound scary and "fishy," but end up being...well, delicious. 

My tidbit for you? Be brave today. 


Anonymous said...

I've never known how to order sushi. Now all I have to say is, "I'll have the tuna tar tar. And may I have a fork?"

The Klentzmans said...

That looks amazing- I can't wait to fill my mouth with yummy raw fish again, post birth of course!