Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tagged by my Sis-In-Luv

I have been tagged. I'm okay with that. She was right. Who doesn't want to talk about themselves.

Here are the tagging rules:

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1. The most exciting job (and the time of my life that I was injured more than the rest of my life cumulatively) was galloping race horses. I LOVED it. I still get a phenomenal adrenaline rush just from WATCHING horse in the starting gate, knowing what it feels like for that huge animal to virtually vanish from beneath as they explode out of the gates. I'm pretty conflicted these days about the sport, but my personal experience with it is one of my favorites.

2. I love shoes. Abnormally, I think. I plan outfits around shoes. My favorite pair of shoes has never been worn and they sit at the top of my closet in a clear shoe box (they were a bit of an emotional purchase mom and I made together right before the wedding). Here's the weird part - I love being barefooted as much as I love shoes. That's almost oxymoronic.

3. I never thought I would marry. Ever. I wasn't opposed to it, but I just didn't see myself finding anyone that I would want to share/burden with all my weird idiosyncrasies. But I did. And now I can't imagine my life WITHOUT sharing my idiosyncrasies.

4. I went through a phase in high school where all I ate was either egg sandwiches (fried eggs & ham with cheese on toast) or steamed broccoli. Every meal, including lunch (I had to drive home from school for lunch). It lasted for about 4 months.

5. I wear my feelings on my sleeves. And I wear others feelings on my sleeves for them. I spend a lot of energy worrying about other people and their feelings. In fact, I've been known to worry more about my loved ones feelings than they do.

6. I love rain and everything that comes with it. Thunder, lightening, peace, clean sidewalks, greener grass, the smells, mud...I love it all. And I especially love dancing in it. Mmmmmmm. Better than homemade banana pudding.

There you have it. Unfortunately, all my blogging friends have already been tagged. I hope I don't get points docked off for not listing 6 others.


Jenny and Joel said...

Ohhhh, now that was interesting. I knew yours would be good. Galloping horses, clear shoe boxes, finding your forever love, strange food obsession, empathy, and rain.....all that and more. That's why we love our Robin!!!!!! Miss you, Jen

Anonymous said...

I love #3.

Joel said...

I'm stuck on the shoes vs. bare feet phenomenon. I think it's an absolutely wonderful contradiction. I am also very interested what your plans on for the shoes you've never worn. Heirloom? Build a special shrine in your back yard, shoot, make it front yard? Wear them? Sell them on e-bay? House shoes? Auction them off after you've become famous, "Here we are folks, The Shoes She Never Wore!"? (People would go nuts over those suckers.) And then lastly, what about the mud do you like? Is it that the mud gets your shoes (when you're wearing them) dirty which in turn means you must go buy another pair of shoes, thus keeping the circle of shoe obsession and nature in perfect harmony and balance? Ingenious scheme. I like it.:-)

John Michael Tara Shay and Echo Delilah said...

oh how i do like all parts of you birdy.