Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh, Idaho...

Let me count the ways I love the Braun Family Reunion.

1.) The scenery

2.) The golf tournament (or being a caddy in costume for the golf tournament)

3.) The friends

4.) The family

5.) The weather (yes, that's hail while the sun is shining)

6.) The music

7.) The people

8.) The people

9.) The people (note Texas Idaho)

10.) The mustached people


Anonymous said...

Love the new blog clever:) Ah, the Braun Family Reunion, we loved it too when we went a few summers ago. Mainly just because Bub was there and we got to camp under the beautiful stars. So glad you had a fabulous time. We love you! Jen

Anonymous said...

I think I may just move to Salt Lake just to go to this fun reunion!

Jami said...

And this whole "mid-life" crisis time, when I have been plucking my mustache hairs, I could have been leaving them alone and joining a new family!

Joel said...

Yes, we (read I) absolutely love the Braun Family Reunion for all the reasons you mentioned plus some. I think we should have a Braun-Schoepf-Hunt Family Reunion from now on. Too fun, too pretty, too much not to make happen.