Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lawrence Welk

I have spent the last 21 of 24 hours in bed. I got up twice to eat and once just to go to the bathroom. I can't say that I have the flu...I got the flu shot. I don't know what I've got, but as I crawled back into bed this evening/afternoon and laid my hot, oh so heavy head down all I could think of was Lawrence Welk.

It seems like every time I was at my grandparents house Lawrence Welk was on TV. I have very vivid memories of their place. Red brick house on Royal Road. I always thought that was funny since their last name was King. Get it, Kings living on Royal Rd??? Anyway, it didn't matter what time of day it was, the kitchen smelled of coffee. Grandad always used the old time coffee pot - he didn't buy into the new fangled coffee makers. Most of the time he had Willie Nelson playing on his stereo. He had a great set up...nice recliner just next to all his records and record player so that he didn't have to get up to change them. When Lawrence Welk came on, Grandma would make Grandad put headphones on for his stereo so that she could hear the TV.

I don't really get the association...maybe just feeling puny, rooting around under the covers for a warm place to shake off the shivers, wishing for something to give me a bit of peace...I thought of the things that gave me peace. And I thought of my grandparents.

...or maybe it was the fever.

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The Hunts said...

Oh Boo Robin, I'm so sorry you are sick!!! Hope you feel better soon. Meanwhile, I agree that the thought of grandparents does bring a feeling of peace and comfort:) Love you so much! Jen