Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh, My Grammy...

Part of my favorite thing about going home to Amarillo for the holidays is visiting with my Grandma. Every visit is different with her depending on how she's feeling. Luckily, this time she was feeling GREAT! We got to spend an entire day with her...just the whole family. She had the guys pull chairs into her room so that we were all sitting in a circle in front of her and she "worked" her audience. She told stories about my dad and Uncle James from when they were young and she had all of us in stitches. She told us the story of each of our gifts which were some of her dishes and vintage china. Joel and I received a hand painted tea set from her that she got on her and Granddad's anniversary back in the late 30's. It's beautiful...but the story is what I love even more.

Her mother had given them $10 for their anniversary present. Grandma had been downtown earlier that day and the tea set had caught her eye. It was on sale for $12 but she didn't want to spend that kind of money without talking to Granddad first so she refrained. Later that evening, she and Granddad were going to the movie for their anniversary. They walked past the shop where the tea set was and Grandma pointed it out to him. She told him that her mother had given the $10 to them, and that the set was on sale for $12. He told her that OF COURSE she could have it, but she was worried about where the other $2 was going to come from since they had just been to the movies. When they went inside, the clerk agreed to sell it to them for $10 since it was their anniversary.

Here are the points I get from this story:

1. $10 was a lot of money in the 30's.
2. Grandma felt like she had to check with Granddad before she spent $12. But then again, see item #1.
3. They WALKED to the movies.
4. She kept something that cost $10 for 65+ years.

I love my Grandma. I love what I'm reminded of in this story...that value is not necessarily a number following a dollar sign and that when you are partners with someone, you partner in everything...even in what may appear to be the smallest decisions.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

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