Friday, November 23, 2007

A Learning Process...

How do we Thanksgive...let me count the ways.

We had our very first Thanksgiving here at 1222 Mooncrest. The whole shabang to be served up for nine. As everybody knows, the hard part is the turkey so we let Richard take that task. And take he did...scrumptious turkey! It's a good thing we did as we discovered on Wednesday that our 40-year-old oven had letter of resignation or two weeks notice. She just up and quit. Special thanks to our friends and neighbors Laura and Red - who saved the day by letting us use their oven. We transported the goods via little red wagon and used our toaster oven for the smaller items and went on about our day. And oh what a day it was.

Well, Ill let photos do the talking...

(The little oven that couldn't)

(Our modern day chuck wagon)

It was so nice to walk through the living room and see my Mama and my Mom-in-luv chatting away, and to watch Jenny and Tara exchange baby knowledge...and catch a glimpse of little Sam and his Dad listening to John Michael play the guitar and to observe the turkey carving lesson going on in the kitchen between Richard and Joel...lots of love and loving moments.

And it was beautiful.

And in reference to the title of this blog...well, the day was a learning process but more specifically, Jenny is helping me learn how to add photos to my blog. I think she taught me well, don't you?

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The Hunts said...

It was such a beautiful day....thanks for having us in your home sweet Robin! Love you ,Jen