Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Getting Married... my best friend. To the person who found the best in me and who forgives the worst. To the most patient and kind and gentle soul I've ever met. To the man who makes me feel safe, even while he's snoring on the couch, completely unwakable. To the man who brushes off the yuck of a bad day with the simple sweet gesture of brushing my hair out of my face. To the the only person I have ever let wrap themselves around my heart without limits or conditions. To the one companion I've ever had who places the same value on the words we choose to speak...and therefore appreciates the value of silence as well. To my dream missing piece...the yee to my haw. I am getting the "absolute without a doubt make me gush cuz I'm so in love" love of my life
...and to think. I thought I'd never love another being more than Dude. ;-)