Thursday, January 11, 2007


It's here. We all knew it would be sooner or later. I have to say, for lots of folks in my life, I'm so glad 2006 is behind us. Lots of hard times for lots of people I love...But now 2007 is here. Out with the old - in with the new. I LOVE this time of the year. Cleaning out closets and drawers, computer files and kitchen's completely symbolic of cleaning out my mind and heart and priorities. Getting rid of all the clutter and getting back to what really matters. Of course I have been accused of being a little OCD (thanks for the shirt, Mom).
In case you're wondering about the's the spot where Joel and I will be getting married on May 5. Yes, Cinco de Mayo. It's a labyrinth at the Red Corral Ranch in Wimberley. It's pretty representative, I think. Life is a maze, you know. And my maze led me to an amazing (pun intended) place with Joel. I get all mushy talking about it...
Just wanted to wish you all the best in 2007. It promises to be full of love and hope and dreams and joy...if you let it...if you keep searching for your way in this maze of a life. God Bless.