Monday, February 02, 2009

Back to Norm...

Things are getting back to normal around here. I'm sitting in the recliner, listening to Joel practice his guitar. We cooked dinner, watched some tv on the couch and surfed the net. I'm sleeping like a baby (I never understood that phrase. Don't babies wake up every couple of hours to eat and such?) Anyway - I'm sleeping very well. It feels great. More than ever I'm enjoying everything about our days. I'm getting back into the gym routine, work and even trying to get home a little early when Joel's home. Little things aren't bothering me so much these days. It's amazing how simple life is when you eliminate all the needless worry. I am so thankful for all that makes up our lives together. I finally caught up on Tara and Jenny's blogs tonight and I can't WAIT TO SEE THOSE BABIES AGAIN! I also can't wait to see THEM again!

We all have so much around us to be thankful for...rather than wishing for what we don't have or for different outcomes, I have resolved to be appreciative of what we are already blessed with.

In other news...

Joel is doing great. He has started taking guitar lessons. A good friend of ours here in town is teaching him and it seems like he LOVES it. I've kept him busy with honey do's the past few weeks (nothing new). February is a pretty easy month for them - out for three or four days a week, home the others. It's been really nice having him home so much. Ragweed is going back in the studio in March out in California so he'll be out there for the first week. Then we GET TO SEE THE HUNTS!! They are coming the third week of March so they will get to be here for Joel's birthday. YAAAAYYYYY!!

I think I'm caught up for now. Normal feels pretty good, but it sure sounds boring in blogworld.

Peace to you all!


Jami said...


I think in the best of circumstances, normal is GRAND, even in blogworld..........but in my humble opinion, considering what you went through with the "big incident", normal is many blessings exponentially deserved and I would think desired! Record Joel when he learns Twinkle Twinkle and put it on YouTube for us to all enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Robin, I love the new look of your blog. The pictures are great. The one of you and Joel is perfect, you guys are so good together. I personally love normal and the way you write about it, it doesn't seem boring at all.
love to you both, b