Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lost in Bloggerville

As some of you may know, I am a faithful follower of some virtual super heroes. There are at least three blogs that I check every single day. I have actually started relaying the stories of some of these bloggers during "watercooler" conversations at the office, with friends over dinner and in phone conversations to others. I have sent copies of some of their stories via email and HIGHLY recommended their blogs to people who I think would relate. Does that make me a virtual groupie? Maybe. 

One of my fav's has been nominated for the 2008 Bloggie Awards so I had to go check out the competition. Since then I have visited approximately 8,365 different blogs from all over the world. I found cooking blogs, marriage blogs and photography blogs. I found bloggers that I didn't understand, bloggers that I didn't WANT to understand and some that didn't WANT to be understood. I've been in bloggie heaven. I'm learning a whole new language (what exactly is the difference between a link and a "linky?" Is it just someone being "cutesy?").  

I've also been inspired, motivated, moved to tears and educated. It's reminded me how big this world is...and how small it can be at times. I know, I's no substitute for the real world and real people and real interaction. I'm not CONSUMED with it...but it's a nice mental vacation every once in a while. 

I'll be sharing some of the blogs that I think are interesting...and borrowing some of their ideas for blog topics. I hope you enjoy.  


The Hunts said...

Oh boy, can't wait to see your new finds! Go Pioneer Woman on the 2008 Bloggie Awards:) Love you fellow blog lover...let's chat soon! Jen

Anonymous said...

You're such a good writer. I love to read things that you have written, and I love you. See ya in a few days baby.