Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Q: How Many Times Can You Start Over?

A: As many as we want to.

In life, in love, in our careers, in our blogging. I'm learning to not give up when I feel like I've hit the end of a trail. So I'm not giving up on this blog. I think every day about it. I write myself notes to remember to blog about (fill in the blank). I have lists that consist of recipes, baby stories, Joel stories, music, work...most of which I can't decipher anymore. So I'm starting my lists over.

I'm also starting my list of "to do's" over. Things around the house and pertaining to Lucy. First on my list has been to update my blog space to reflect our new family so that all of us are in a pic. But we don't have a picture of all of us because one of us is always taking the picture (Lucy's GREAT at photography already ;-). So my first first item on my list will be to find a pic of all three...ahem...four of us (poor Dude - he really has been knocked down a few notches on the family ladder). Picnic may be my first stop.

I'll be expanding my blog a bit. I need an outlet for so many of the other things going on in my head - work, etc. So I'll be venting a lot here. I hope you can tolerate that (if there's any "yous" out there still). I promise to keep it in balance - and hope to use this outlet as a gauge for the balance in the rest of my life.

Cheers, family! Here's to starting over again, again.


Jenny said...

I'm here and ready to listen to rants! Love you lots and lots! Jen

capturing said...

I'm still here too!

Anonymous said...

I am here and so is Saundra. Inquiring minds want to hear it all.
I think the Lucy tattoo is the prettiest design ever!
I did have to take a break when watching him get it. A mom still has trouble when she thinks her child is hurting.
Love you all,