Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Tea Sweet Pea

My name is Amelia Hunt and I like Sweet Tea. 

I like to sit in my chair, rockin' in the breeze...with my sweet tea. 

I like to listen to stories of my friends and family while I'm sittin' in my chair, 
rockin' in the breeze...with my sweet tea. 

Sometimes...I tell a story or two while sittin' in my chair, 
rockin' in the breeeze...with my sweet tea. 

Sometimes we like to hypothesize about things...
like "what if there were no sweet tea?"

But there is...and that's all that matters. 

I'm Amelia Hunt. And I like Sweet Tea. 


Anonymous said...

What a cutie. I love the Texas humidity curly hair . What a great party and great time seeing all the fam . Love you guys and thanks for the Southern Hospitality.


Anonymous said...

you captured her thoughts exactly, I'm sure. At least it looks like what she is saying. Really cute. We are holding you to coming to see us. Love to you and Joel, b

John Michael Tara Shay and Echo Delilah said...

this rules Robin.

Anonymous said...

Sweet tea sweet pea with the craziest hair you ever did see! Love these pictures Birdie and think your commentary is hilarious:) Jen