Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Sonic...

We need to talk. It's not's you. Honestly, I just don't feel the love anymore. Regardless of my loyalty, you have let me down. 

Remember when you first opened in Canyon? When I got my driver's license, you were where me and my pals spent every single lunch hour. And on the weekends, you were our meeting place in town. You were part of "the drag." I began loving you then. 

And when I went to college, you were WAY out of my daily path to and from class once I moved out of the dorm, but I came to you anyway out of sheer love for a diet cherry limeade. You were my present to myself on Sunday afternoons when I had accomplished all my weekend chores. We stayed close even through that difficult "growing" phase. 

I found you...all of Amarillo when I moved back home to work. Even if we didn't have lunch together every day, I still found time for us to share in a Route 44 Dr. Pepper. We became so familiar with each other that my vehicle wore one of your stickers, allowing for discounts on drinks. I knew your every special...what time happy hour was, two for one Tuesdays...I memorized them all while in the shelter of your drive-thru. 

I was so excited to see you when I got to New Braunfels. Both of you. Conveniently, you are just around the corner from where I rest my head each night. But something has changed recently. I know I've changed - from Dr. Peppers to unsweet tea - but I've remained loyal to the Route 44. I used to never have to mention "ice" to you. Now, even when I speak up to let you know what I'm feeling, there is only a smigen of your beloved signature ice in the cup. You know that is what attracted me to you, right? I could handle every once in a while you holding back on me, but it's become a regular issue. One I'm not sure how to fix. 

And I'm not the only one. I've heard more than one person say "what's up with Sonic lately?" I'm hurt by it...but more importantly, I'm worried about you. What is happening inside of you to cause this? 

I'm sure I'll ride this out, like I did with the styrofoam cups...maybe it will be something I learn to live with...but I'll continue to ask for what I need. And just to let you know, I'm sticking around until I get it. No more driving off with unfinished ice. No more iceless drinks within 30 minutes of getting them. I'm going to help you become the Sonic you used to be. The ball is in your court now...


Tired of Un-Iced Tea


The Hunts said...

Dear Tired of Un-Iced tea,

I whole heartedly join this movement of concern towards our beloved Sonic. It is, well, disconcerting to have someone you love so much start to falter. So, let me know what I can do.


Tired of Un-slushy slushes

Anonymous said...

pretty funny babe, you girls and your ice, hope it all works out.

Love you, cant wait to get home!

The Klentzmans said...

That is really sad... sonic ice really gave a new meaning to coke... diet cherry to be specific. Although we had an opposite problem at the Sonic in Waller; if you order a cup of ice only and go home to pour in your own diet cherry coke, an entire can won't even fit in (this is a large of which I speak). I realized that they were skimping on the soda and over crowding with ice, so maybe in NB complained of this and now they are overcompensating? To find the perfect ice/soda mix? Bliss.

Jami said...

Sonic really is all about the ice. I make my own Starbucks Ice tea, take my own bottle of ice tea with me, and order a cup of ice.......32 tea, their ice......can't get much better. BUT.....I agree, when I do order my Diet Dr. Pepper with cherry, the ice is lacking. Is this a conspiracy, is there a new company policy regarding the disbursement of ice? Please, let us all know the end of this story! I am hoping for a happy ice filled ending!