Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Post

I keep starting blogs. I get inspired by those that I read and want to enlighten my friends and family the same way others enlighten me. Then I get writers block. Then I procrastinate. Then I think about all the things that have passed since I last wrote (not passed as in "away" but just...passed). I promised you all photos of the wedding, photos of the honeymoon, stories about family and a recap of the cruise. However I have delivered NONE. For that I am sorry. Know this, however...that life has been wonderful and beautiful and full of good - no GREAT - times spent with my new husband, old friends, new friends, old family, new family and, of course, our dog. We've been married in Wimberley, honeymooned in Red River, shopped in Taos and just been being in love in New Braunfels. We visited Utah where we spent three incredible days with Jenny, Joel, Joyce and the newest of the new part of my family -Sam and Amelia. We cruised with CCR to Montego Bay, Grand Caymen and Cozumel (or Cancun...I'm still not clear on where we stopped in Mexico). We've been able to spend lots of time with John Michael and Tara, which has given me the chance to get to know and love them even more. is very very full. And very very good.

Hope yours is the same.


jenny said...

So glad your new life has been full and rich. I am finding myself calling Sammy "bub", "bubba", etc., which of course makes me think of my "bub" even more often than usual. We love you guys so much and thank you a million times for coming to see us, helping us move, loving our little ones,etc. We look forward to many, many more visits. Much love to you sweet Robin, Jen

Shanyn Hunt said...

Hi, Robin!! This was fun to see your sight - and gosh, I could almost say the very same thing you said in this blog in mine (if I had one - but I don't ;))!! Seriously - it sounded like an echo of my life this year. Which makes me remember!! Oh my gosh, I have not gotten a present to ya'll - and I want to!! I totally intended to and to come to your wedding but that was in the eye of the hurricane of my life at the time and my fiance at the time ;) now my GREAT wonderful husband ;) & I had something we had to do & I was sick. Anyhew - please don't think my neglect has been intentional it has absolutely not. Love you guys - so happy your happy!! Don't you LOVE our little neice and nephew?!! yeay!! Later, Your fellow newlywed and sis-n-luv (that's what you now are you know ;) - ask Jenny). Shanyn Zink (formerly Hunt)