Thursday, April 26, 2007


Thank you Apple. Thank you for the small, portable gadget called the iPod. "Podwina" (my iPod's name - I'm not THAT weird, iTunes makes you name your iPod so it can recognize it when it's plugged in - although I am as fond of my iPod as any pet I've had...previous to Dude, of course)...ANYWHO...Podwina has been my traveling partner in cars and on planes. She (of COURSE any thing this complex and smart is a SHE)has carried stories that make me laugh and movies that make me cry. She has sung me to sleep at night and made sure I woke up in time for the gym in the mornings. She has entertained my friends and when she's shuffling, she reminds me of times that I haven't thought of in years. She knows Willie and Amy Winehouse. She is made up of the best of the 70's and the worst of the 80's. She knows every single - and i mean EVERY single - Lyle Lovett song. She makes me smile. And she will be the DJ at our wedding reception. She is currently carrying the soundtrack of our lives...before we met and since. She carries a big responsibility...but I have no doubt she can handle it.


The Hunts said...

Love this post. Don't you just love music? Well, obviously you do!! Though I am such a music DORK compared to my brothers and mom I do still love it. Right before they started my Csection they told me that I could play music. I had Joel run back to my room and get my praise CD and they stuck it in the CD player. It played one line and then would play no more. They couldn't figure out how to fix it and I was so disappointed. However, even the one line was such an encouragment to me. "How great is our God...sing with me how great is our God..." was hummed by me over and over in this most uncomfortable situation. It will forever be known to us as the "Csection song." It will forever remind me of the comfort that music, and our God of course, can be. Hope the soundtrack to your most special of days will forever remind you of the joy felt on May 5, 2007! Love ya, Jenny

The Wilkins said...

Congratulations to you guys!!! I know you don't know me, Robin, but I grew up with Joel and his family. Love reading your blog! I so admire people with such creativity because I have ZILCH!