Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I spent the end of last week on the road with Joel. I love going out with the guys and I love seeing all the friends I've made through the years with Ragweed out there in this big ol' world...but I love coming home. We dropped off our bags, cleaned up and headed to Wimberley to visit Joel's family. It was a beautiful day to spend with beautiful family. We went to look at a couple of places for potential wedding sites for Tara and Johnny Mike (Joel's brother and fiance), ate some barbeque and just visited. It was a great way to spend the day. Home.

Yesterday was busy again. Regular Monday work stuff...then a baby shower and an engagement party in Austin. It made for a sort of frantic afternoon but both parties were worth it. Tonight we are having Brian and Melanie over for dinner. Actually, the guys are cooking. Shrimp boil I guess. Mel and I have vowed to stay out of the kitchen. Tomorrow we head out to see the Dedringers here in town and Thursday Joel leaves. Busy busy busy. It's that time of year I guess.

We go on our MS walk next week. Holy Cow! I can't believe it. We will be walking 30 miles over the course of the weekend. I'm really excited...and nervous. There are six of us girls going, then spending a couple of days there to see the sites of Philly. Thanks to all the folks that helped us out...donated to the cause. Each of the six of us have some very important people in our lives that we are walking for so it means a lot to all of us to have your support.

Weddding plans are coming along. We have a date and a place...We've started looking at invitations and actually think we've agreed on one. Now we just need to finalize the invitation list so we can figure out how many to order!!

That's all for now...going to a shrimp boil at my own house! How awesome is that???

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